Gardner Brother’s is passionate about agriculture.  We work with you to protect your agricultural investments.  Having years of experience with concrete bunk troughs and high tensile, barbed, and woven/fixed knot fencing, you can trust our finished product.  Check out “Fence” and “Trough” at the top of the page for pictures and installations.

Gardner Brother’s recently saw the need for an updated bunk trough in our area.  We have been using bunk troughs for almost 20 years and saw all the problems with the ones on the market.  We sat down and designed one that would help alleviate some of the problems with commonly bought bunk or “J” troughs in the area.  Each trough is poured with threaded inserts so that EYE bolts can be screwed into the troughs to pick up, place, and set in the desired location.  The interior width of each trough is the same size as a standard scoop shovel, to help allow eaiser cleaning in the event of snow or wet feed.  We also expanded the size of the drain holes in the ends of our troughs in order to allow for better drainage of water to decrease the “pool” effect often see in other bunk troughs.  Each of our troughs are 8 feet in length. These along with other enhancements will make ours the best and most cost effective investment your can make in your feeding situations.   


Many of our customers find that with current government cost shares new fencing can be  very affordable.

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